The members of ICOMOS New Zealand cover a wide range of professional disciplines concerned with the management and protection of cultural heritage property and include archaeologists, conservation architects, building archaeologists, landscape architects, planners, historians, heritage property managers and heritage administrators. They include staff from government agencies, NGOs, local authorities and the private sector, independent consultants, and people who contribute to heritage conservation in a voluntary capacity.

Membership Categories

Individual Membership is open to a wide range of individuals engaged in the conservation of monuments, groups of buildings and sites as defined in the ICOMOS Statutes.

These include amongst others:

  • Members of the scientific, technical or administrative staff or decision-makers of a national, regional or local monuments agency, fine arts or antiquities services;
  • Specialists with the equivalent of 3 years’ full-time experience, currently engaged in the conservation, restoration, rehabilitation and enhancement of monuments, groups of buildings and sites.

Young Professional Individual Membership is a sub-category of Individual Membership and subject to the same membership criteria as Individual buy generic topamax Membership. Young Professionals, under the age of 30, or within the first 5 years of their professional career in conservation pay 50% of the regular dues.

Institutional Membership is available to any institution involved with the conservation and protection, of historical monuments, groups of buildings and sites; institutions which own or manage historical monuments, groups of buildings and sites and institutions which devote all or part of their activity to one or more of the objectives listed above.

Affiliate Membership is available to individuals, institutions and organisations who are interested in cultural heritage conservation and wish to support the aims and activities of ICOMOS and receive the newsletter, while not taking part in the professional activities of the organisation. Affiliates are non-voting members of ICOMOS New Zealand.

Current Fees

Individual Membership $150.00
Individual Young Professional $75.00
Retired Unwaged $75.00
Institutional $750.00
Affiliate $120.00