ICOMOS New Zealand has established a travel scholarship financially supported by Heritage Management Services of Christchurch, to encourage and assist heritage professionals and students undertake further education or professional development in subjects relevant to the conservation and management of New Zealand’s heritage. Applicants do not need to be a member of ICOMOS NZ to apply.

The scholarship is for up to $1,000 to be given on an annual basis and is a travelling scholarship – national or international though it may include a contribution towards tuition or course fees if the travel buy topamax online uk costs are under $1,000. It is hoped that if the fund can be built up over time that in the future it may be possible to consider awarding more than one scholarship each year. The purpose of the scholarship is for training so it is for attending seminars, training or educational courses or undertaking research on heritage or other related subjects that support the development of heritage expertise within New Zealand. (It cannot be used for conferences or accommodation).

To find out more download the application form here.